It pains to see a club like Valencia, one of the most celebrated and the most decorated clubs in Spain in such turmoils. Being a rival fan, it feels good to see your rivals struggle. But when it has gone on for so long to such an extent that you feel nothing but sorry about it. It’s a general conception which can be followed anywhere.

There were renewed ambitions for Los Che when they were purchased by business tycoon Peter Lim. One of the richest businessmen, his stock associating with a historic club like Valencia saw many fans of the club rejoice, but little did they know in a couple of years this elation will be replaced with angst and dead hopes. It has turned into a boss’ toy where he likes to pick on his employee and fire them whenever he likes. Or should I say, a rich kid’s toy which he likes to tinker with whenever he gets bored.

Since August 14, there have been around 8 coaches in 3 seasons, a total of  177m Euros spent and 130m earned consisting of constant shuffling of players and staff at each point of season. And on top of that, recent news broke out that the club director Jesus Garcia Pitarch has resigned. If the higher power are that senseless then how would you expect the club to function the right way? A club living on glory has now found its living on a business circus. Sad to see such things happen.

This goes to show if you have a sugar daddy owner, things like these are very much possible even if you don’t want them to. Polarizingly, Real Madrid are a similar example but they haven’t gone down this bad like Valencia. Valencia have just reached a new low with these things.

From a Spanish football fan’s perspective, this is just killing the club. The owners should just leave and let the fans go back to their traditional fan ownership and allow them to choose what they feel like. This dictatorship needs to end once and for all.

Although I’m very hopeful that with the recent appointment of Voro, they can turn things around. He knows the club inside and out and has always delivered whenever Valencia has been under such circumstances. Mind you, this is his 5th appointment as a caretaker manager for the club in 9 years, a true go to man. He will make it good and hopefully let the fans rejoice in his presence. I just want to see the old Valencia back. And that’s all.