As rumours are afloat that Nashville based promotion Total Nonstop Action Wrestling – TNA Wrestling is possibly near its end, the bidding wars have begun on who’s going to win the share on buying one of Stateside’s biggest wrestling promotions. We are just a couple of days away on coming to know that and it will be interesting who’s going to take up the control till Sunday, October 2nd when the company’s biggest pay per view of the year, Bound For Glory airs.

There has been a potential bidding war between the current minority shareholder and Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan and Wrestling Mogul and WWE chairman Vince McMahon. Both have their own reasons on who should buy the promotion and why. Current owner Dixie Carter has run out of funds to even promote the pay per view and should gather some in order to avoid their version of ‘Starrcade’ or ‘WrestleMania’ into an unruly mess or not even getting to air amidst the huge buildup. The company’s product has improved massively since the promotion of Billy Corgan to president and Dixie stepping aside to take over the financial responsibilities, ironic much that now the company is running out of funds to shoot their shows? Currently, Corgan is overseeing the wrestling operations and management of the show and has done an excellent job within a short span of time.

Vince, on the other hand has a known history of buying his competitors. He has established his legacy as the pioneers of the ‘Sports-Entertainment’ business and bought its biggest rivals in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW). He has bought them and ceased their running right on the spot. Amidst the rumours back then that he would allow a separate show for both the promotions under the WWE banner (which he did for ECW with a failed revival launch from 2006-10) and give them to their original authority figures like Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff respectively.

There are reports that are increasingly likely that Vince is the frontrunner for the potential buying of TNA, and it’s for one reason only, i.e. their video collection library to be added on the award winning famous WWE Network. TNA has been home to a host of greats and classics within their 14 year tenure so far and adding to the Network can boost the people to buy it for $9.99 a month.  Corgan meanwhile has a plan to revamp the product, give a fresh new name *sigh* and outlook and take over. As big of a wrestling fan he is, he has shown immense passion in his role behind the scenes and given a considerable amount of buildup and interest for their biggest annual pay per view. It was mainly his idea to stand out and give us the famous #Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero angle, the Lashley domination angle and a slow rebuild to the X-Division. Currently the product is miles behind its competitors but hey, it’s a slow process. After what all turmoil the company has been through, it’s their baby steps towards resurgence right?

TNA has been no less than treading water post 2012. A couple of management politics, power struggles and Vince Russo shenanigans, the company has been half of what it was when it reached its peak somewhat around 2012, when they stepped out of their Orlando home and started having weekly shows throughout USA. A couple of network changes, losses in company equity, budget cuts, and Hulk Hogan, Bischoff and Russo struggles just set the tone for a sinking ship of what it was before the start of 2016. Enter Billy Corgan, who has been a part of the promotion for a year now has got them a fresh approach, new storyline and what not and has atleast made the product watchable.

But the sale of TNA to its rival can really set the tone for their current superstars to find shelter elsewhere. Many of WWE rejects such as Drew Galloway, Lashley, EC3, Eli Drake, a host of other names and recent acquisitions in Aron Rex and Cody Rhodes have somehow found their feet and a bit of success with the Northside promotion. While the former 3 have been the main men of the company, the others have slowly established themselves into playing major roles with the company ahead. A WWE purchase would mean as seeking refuge elsewhere was of no help and it’s back to square one for them.

So what do you think about the potential sale and the future of the company? Let me know in the comments below.