A sentence, especially the first part of it has truly been an unraveling significance of Matt Hardy’s new character. A twisted, untidy man with an accent that traditional Englishmen used back in the day. A man who could do anything to join back his separated ‘BROKEN’ self and make the person who did so, his own brother ‘NERO’ (Jeff Hardy)’s life a mess. And safe to say, this character has been a revelation in what is saving TNA from what is being called ‘the worst period in years’.

We know TNA has been the company which has its fair share of good and bad times. Sometimes they try to pull off something magnificent, but end up prematurely and annoyingly and likewise, pull off something so bad and it turns to gain some good public attention and ends up in massive appreciation to be something different than its competitors.

This however comes in the middle of both of those. In a time where WWE were high on momentum due to their appreciative booking, TNA meanwhile aired the house promo of both Matt and Jeff signing the contract for their full metal mayhem match at Slammiversary. And certainly it did not go down well. General and some hardcore wrestling fans just lost their minds, judging to what TNA has come down to. But as the week progressed, their matches, their promos and mostly how the feud was progressing gained appreciation. I mean, we all know both Matt and Jeff have put up series of great matches at opposite ends or even together for that matter, but hey, it’s Hardy’s and it’s entertainment guaranteed. So yeah.

The full metal mayhem match was the high point of what was called a very average PPV filled with Botchfest. The FMM was a show saver to say the least. Then how the feud went on and on between the both, leading to their ‘Final Deletion’ match where the loser will be forced to drop the Hardy name. And knowing the momentum between the both, it was a clear choice Matt was going to win. With Jeff on the near end of his TNA contract, rumours linking him with a return to WWE with the ongoing brand split hasn’t stopped even before this feud began. Matt had the upper hand in terms of momentum. And he proved so. Now it seems evident TNA will also be high on him and his momentum, after watching the ‘Public Deletion’ promo aired on iMPACT this past Tuesday on the Destination X special episode.

The future is to stay with this Evil, Broken Matt Hardy. Already establishing himself as the company’s biggest star thanks to his title win at Bound For Glory last October and his heel turn back in January, this new character has uplifted his stock in being the main face of the company. Him, along with several other stars such as Drew Galloway, EC3 and Lashley, a huge resurrection could be on the cards for the Northside Wrestling promotion.