As WWE SmackDown! goes live on July 19th, it was also announced that SmackDown would have its own set of roster with new writers, resurrecting the Brand Split thing that was cancelled in 2011 and thereby taking another step in bringing the old days back. So in tears of joy and nostalgia, the old WWE will be back slowly yet again.

It was long overdue. Making SmackDown! the ‘B-brand’ when it was clearly producing more wrestling than entertainment needed an acclaim of itself. It had already been under the shadow of the flagship brand for a long time since both united, and now it’s time to actually show was SmackDown! is all about.

Okay.. Enough of the SmackDown! fanboying for a while. Let’s get a take on both as a whole.
The roster had to be divided. Trying to generate all main parts of the storyline on one brand and giving glimpses about the same on the other wouldn’t have worked. As mentioned, SmackDown! was no less than a ‘B-Brand’. Now that the brand extension is taking place, new set of writers, different roster and storylines, also not to forget they’re getting their own PPVs like back then till 2006. Interesting how this is shaping up into.

But what about the title split? Would we get to see back different set of champions of the same division for different brands? Apparently we might. Now that current World Champion Dean Ambrose is referred as just ‘WWE Champion’, it’s highly likely that the other brand will also get another world title. And it’s also likely that SmackDown! is going to be that other brand to get the ‘other title’. I feel that there should have been only one world title to both the brands as they’re keeping the Women’s title to both brands. The Intercontinental and the United States Title should be the main titles exclusive to a brand. Even the Tag Team title is set be for both brands like the Women’s. So the World Championship should have been given the same treatment. But nevertheless as every story has two sides, this could also mean that more and more wrestlers could be in for a title shot. Not the same top guys or can say, not only Roman Reigns will be ‘THE GUY’ 😛

As cool as it sounds.. There are exciting times ahead for the WWE.. And I’m definitely looking forward to it.