This is for a college assignment purpose. It is for our subject on ‘Understanding Social Media’. So here I go:

Various brands in the world hire one of the top celebrities to endorse their brand. So many brands existing in the present world are making big, somewhat credit is due to the brand ambassadors of it. Brands such as Pepsi, Nike, Coca Cola, Maggi are some of the finest examples of big brand value crediting to its brand ambassadors. Apart from the heavy endorsement by these big names, the influence by them themselves is so huge that people are convinced to buy that product at one shot. That’s how heavy the effect of limelight has done on the people.

But as much as there is a good side to it, people consider it to be a bad sin for celebrities to advertise a product. Like suppose a person endorsing a beauty cream product, and the person buys it instantly and doesn’t get the result she perceived due to the ad, the brand value sometimes comes in jeopardy. This happens in a 2 way process. Sometimes either of the brand or the people endorsing come in the news for the wrong stuff and inter-relatably both the brand and the ambassador come under heavy scrutiny. It is because of the big names of both the brand and its ambassadors.

So the question stands is are the celebrities into account due to the fail of the product or vice versa?

The answer is a plain and a straight NO! The celebs do what they are asked to do and they get paid for it. They are endorsing it, brand’s getting good value. The process is done there. The people who are buying those products need to be careful about what’s in store for them. They suffer the after effects as it turns out and blame the endorsers for no reason. There are so many examples attached to it. For example, The Maggi conundrum put the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and Priety Zinta in trouble and were on the verge of some legal consequences, and people uninstalling Snapdeal due to Aamir Khan’s comments on the country’s intolerance. 

But to an extent they should be careful about the brand’s history of goods and bads. As long as they don’t be careful about it, life’s gonna be a huge slider for them by the people using it. Blaming them for everything would be bad.