This time around previous year, fresh from a semi final exit by the hands of Australia, a dejected but proud Indian side came home. Shunning critics who thought India wouldn’t even advance through quarters due to their form heading into the tournament. But the pride didn’t last long as it should have.

The team was also heavily criticized one way or the other despite the long run. And the person centrally targeted was Virat Kohli. The ever firing talisman got out on a single run by the bowling of Mitchell Johnson. And now, a year on from that.. Where are we now?

A time where everyone turned their backs on Virat. From burning down effigies to even blaming Anushka Sharma for being a distraction for Virat during his innings and what not. WHAT IN THE HELL WAS THAT? The latter was probably the most lamest of excuses to downsize this gutted individual who was really undergoing a massive, massive dip in form.Apart from all of that, the people even shoved the side upon arrival in India from the tournament. Shows the ever dissatisfaction of the people in the country.

Moving on to the next year, around the same date and exactly the same time of events. The 50 over World Cup now becomes a T20 World Cup and maybe a day late from the previous year, same set of sides meet but this time in a group stage fixture. Guess who shows up? The man who was made the scapegoat from the previous year’s mega edition. What an interesting turn of events. The same man had now played a key role in helping India cruise through to the semi finals of the incumbent tournament. And the very set of fans rejoice on this, which was good but doesn’t really heal what had happened.

Interestingly referring to the previous year’s failure, he was taunted by arch nemesis Mitchell Johnson on Social Media site Twitter, joining the dead bandwagon from the previous year. Guess you got your answer Mitch. But things don’t end here. Anushka, who has now become his ex girlfriend is still made fun of, being thanked for getting out of Kohli’s life for his effervescent performance this edition. Shows how dipshit our fans really are. Disrespectful, shocking and pathetic act.

The nerves got so deepened that Virat himself had come into support of his previous love interest. He came on to support someone who seriously has no connection with the circumstances and rightly so criticizes the people for it. As mentioned somewhere, You may have won the respect of almost each and every person on the field, but now with this, you’ve got it more off it as well.


I have mentioned in the heading ‘nothing has changed’. Opinions may have changed, performances may have changed too. But the main thing above all that is still in tact, ‘HYPOCRISY’. Reason which withholds the fans from being appreciated or to appreciate someone in the right spirit. Sad that such incidents even take place.