In 1972, under a scorching June Sun

In the French Coastal town of Marseilles

Two Algerian immigrants awaited the birth of their 5th child

Later that day, a star was born….

*plays the whole song and feels alive*

It was certainly the best birthday gift I’ve got this time. My all time favourite football player, a person I was lucky enough to watch play the beautiful game took over the team amidst its indifferent form. One of the people who really got me attached to the game and above all, Real Madrid. It’s Zinedine Zidane.. Certainly one of the all time greats for Real Madrid and also for football. Oh the happiness, Oh the dream, Oh so much amazement.

He took over the reins from Rafael Benitez. A man who certainly couldn’t keep up to the pressure this very managerial job gives. Got to feel sorry for the predecessor though. He certainly gave his all while at the helm. It was his dream to coach Real Madrid. He hadn’t really done a bad job to be very honest, but sadly it wasn’t meant to be. Player outbursts, dressing room unrest, tactical mishaps has really got him the chop. But I’d wish him the best that he deserves somewhere else.

But coming to Zidane, the practical mindset really divides the opinion to this appointment. A person who had seemingly caught the eye of the fans with the kind of football he delivered at Castilla was promoted to give extra flair to the main setup as well. He gives the fans renewed hopes to turn the season around. But the major drawback that falls in his case is the experience. He lacks big game experience as coach. He really was Carlo Ancelotti’s right hand in the quest to the coveted La Decima, but to lead the line of coaches especially for Real Madrid, we need experience. And Zizou kinda lacks that. Also if he fails to deliver, it can have a bad impact on the reputation and respect he had built over the years. Best example to this could be none other than Filippo Inzaghi. The Italian striker took over AC Milan last season and the results were very very bad. Milan finished a lowly 11th, outside the prestige they possess and the usual they used to have. It feels really sad to see their downfall and also had a profound impact on Pippo’s reputation. He was no less than a laughing stock thanks to his managerial statistics. Hope Zizou does not turn out to be one. Zizou has two choices heading into this job. Either he could do a Guardiola (success) or an Inzaghi (failure).

But all I could be is optimistic about it and ask the fans to get behind the team as much as we can. I really hope we can do it and run down the tap of success. Our first game is vs Deportivo and coincidentally it was Zidane’s first opposition as a player as well. Same with Roma in the Champions League. I hope we win this and close the gap, as well as bid for the title.