This was a facebook post I read of one of my friends in our Real Madrid group. 🙂

Ok. So Benitez is sacked !
Huge number of Madrid fans are happy with decision.
Many hated him even before he joined.
But was he the problem. He implemented the rotation policy. After a long time we saw BBC combining well. The Copa Del Rey exit was not his fault. Nonetheless there is also no hiding that he made mistakes.. Relying on Danillo and Pepe, Not giving James and Isco much opportunities, unreal substitutions in clasico, disappearing midfield. And obviously he replaced Carlo, who was every one’s favorite.
Still was he the Real problem, I dont agree with this.
The real issue always has been our fucked up defense. Just have a look at our past 2-3 years.. It has hardly been that we managed a cleansheet in any big game. Infact moslty we always concede first. Lets talk about 2015 itself.

In Jan we played At Madrid twice and conceded 4 goals
We played Valencia concede 2 goals
In Feb we played At Madrid conceded 4 goals
We played schalke conceded 3 goals and were almost out
In March we played Clasico conceded 2 goals
Then we played Atletico twice in CL and those were probably the best games we played 2k15. we were calm & composed
We played Juventus twice and concede 3 goals, and in the first game Pogba was not there.
Conceded 2 vs Valencia again
Getafe came at our home and scored 3
End of Trophyless Season
We started very well and not concede a goal for long time.. Thanks to Defence ! no way .. Thanks to Navas !
We played Bilbao and conceded 1st goal
Against Atleti if Navas hadn’t saved that Pen we would have had 2 goals in our net
Then Navas saved clear cut 3-4 goal scoring chances vs Celta
We conceded 3 vs Sevilla
4 in Clasico @ HOME
3 vs Schalke
Lost to Villareal
Lets hit some memories from the past
4 goals vs Dortmund in 2013 semis
3 goals vs Bayern in 2012 Semis
At all big occasions our defense managed to collapse.. It has never been that Defense won us matches.
On paper we always have had great defense but ….
Anyways i am happy for Zizzou .. I love him like hell  Greatest Midfielder Of All Time
He has experience under Carlo and great Chem with players .. I hope he brings Glorious days back.
Hala Madrid !