I’m really happy today is the last day of 2015. Not only it has been a very screwy year on a personal aspect, but in the passion for sports, it was really bad. It may have taught me so many lessons, but in sports it kind of made me mentally weak as well. Lost patience every now and then with life and with the sport watching as well. And as it is supposed to say here, as a Real Madrid supporter it went worse.

Starting of the year, so many hopes about how better this year should be on the back of an effervescent 2014, we started the year on the pitch with a 2-1 loss to Valencia. The hot streak we had heading into this year was officially broken. 25 game win streak was broken. And the worse part, this game was exactly on my birthday (5th Jan). Talk about a shitty birthday present.

What followed was really very bad. Each month we played it had a forgettable moment to attach and see off the month. February throttle to Atletico, the birthday party after that, March mauling vs Schalke, April and May losing out on silverware and sacking Carlo. Trust me, we lost all when we sacked the latter. And bringing in Rafa for him was a collectively bad idea. I have no idea what Perez was thinking in sacking Carlo in the first place. And replacing him with Rafa…. I absolutely had no idea in what he was upto.

Honestly, I had good trust in Rafa when he came. I was pretty optimistic when he arrived, he is someone who knows the club in and out. And the run we had from his arrival till November made my trust in him even more concrete. Then what followed made my growing beliefs into absolute myth.

The worst thing to have happened to us would be either of the 4-0 trashing to Barca or the Copa Del Rey expulsion. And the best would be the Chicharito goal vs Atletico, our one and only win against them the whole f****** season. And on the present status the team looks so much disorganized. A lot of internal conflicts going on and on the pitch we don’t even look half as good as we are supposed to be.

Need to buckle up from the very first day of the new year. Let’s keep all this aside and start from scratch. Show the world why we are Real Madrid and why are we one of the best clubs in the world. If we believe, nothing is going to stop us.