It look long to say this but Jose Mourinho is available again. He was recently sacked by Chelsea after their miserable status this season in the Premier League. Various clubs are being put on alert on his availability, and probably hoping even Real Madrid are after their shaky season so far.

Real Madrid aren’t enjoying the best of seasons under Rafa Benitez. Dressing room upheaval, criticism of tactics, run of poor results against top teams and unfavourable support from the fans as well, it is both fair and unfair at the same time for him. Unfair because he is a born and bred Madridista, knows the club in and out and hasn’t done a bad job either. But equally fair because nothing remarkable has been done in his tenure. The team’s gameplay has been largely¬†disorganized and often led for fans calling backlash to oust him from the Spanish capital. Probably Mourinho’s arrival could make it even more. Rafa stands tough times in the coming months and probably he can show why was he chosen for the job.

But personally I’d love to see ‘The Special One’ back at the Bernabeu. He had brought that Swagger back at the Bernabeu, devised a plan for beating the best in the game, Barcelona, and after 6-8 years of crashing out of Round of 16 he made Real a competitive team once again and had the Madridistas witnessing the European Nights in longevity as long as he was there. He brought silverware to the club and above all made the team fearful again. He is still deeply loved by the Madridistas inspite of few exceptions but in all honesty, Jose is what Real Madrid needs right now.

In the recent press conference, Perez himself said that the door for Jose ain’t closed, so this could really mean he can come back sooner or later back at Valdebebas before any other team could snap him up. Though there are a few players who didn’t enjoy the best of relationships with him from his previous tenure, but as we know what Perez is. He goes No holds barred to get anything for the team.

Having him back could also replenish the outcasts from the present setup. Players like Toni Kroos and James Rodriguez aren’t really happy with Benitez at the helm. Even the star man Cristiano Ronaldo, who wasn’t happy with Mourinho either has also reportedly stood a rally march against Rafa Benitez. So to sum it up, if Mourinho comes, he could really bring the best out of the bests in Kroos and James. Mou had a certain Mesut Ozil as the centrepiece of his devised setup, he can replace Ozil with James in the setup who is equally good. Not forgetting Isco who is another gem of a player in the Madrid ranks. He can also get some players who would love to come to don the white shirt of Real Madrid and the good days of Real Madrid will come again.

So as it stands, Jose is available again. If he comes back we will be really happy and as said, the good days of Real Madrid will come again. Perez please get him…..