A frustrating outing at the Bernabeu for Real Madrid, getting thrashed by the hands of our arch rivals FC Barcelona. Getting owned left, right and centre by our nemesis isn’t something any fan would even dare to have a sight at.

It was frustrating to see many of our players go invisible when the team needed them the most. I couldn’t even see where our holy trident ‘BBC’ was. Guys like Neymar and Suarez stole the show at our home, a piss off moment really for all the fans in the stadium. Even the appearance of a semi fit Leo Messi looked like a mockery towards us, showing despite being out for like 10 weeks he still played and played better than Ronaldo. And losing by a big margin like 4-0 is truly unacceptable for a club like Real Madrid. Disheartening to be very honest. On the pitch we were decimated, but what’s worse was off it. Fanboys all around the place. And those who don’t even watch football got their share. Like I had read a facebook post about it, “From people who don’t watch football to Barca fans real quick” Very true bc. And most of them involve the latter. Really hate such wankjobs.

The best moment of the match for me would be the long lob Andres Iniesta had given to Sergi Roberto in the first half. As being a Spain fan I don’t really hate Barcelona. I really like and respect the team. And having a Spain legend in their ranks would seriously be nothing to hate about. He’s probably one of the few I really adore and love despite being a rival.

However after the defeat, reports emerged that Rafa Benitez would get the sack after falling 6 points behind due to the humiliation suffered. I am truly in two minds about this. Will it be unfair to give him the sack just after the two defeats or did he really pay the price for his tactics? It could be either way. The team looked clueless AF in all departments. Playing Toni Kroos as CDM where he was more or less of a spectator, Modric and James being the playmakers without an assistance of a hound in the middle, Bale’s disappearance in El Clasico still maintained, Benz with his fresh tapes and Ronaldo out of form as recent usual. Even the defence had no idea what in the world they were doing. Had it not been Keylor Navas’ some saves, the scoreline would have increased to a lot more, like say 6-0 or 7-0. Feel sorry for such a player.

Speaking of some top saves, got to give a prop to Claudio Bravo. The lad saved so many good chances that could have given us some goals. Truly admirable performance from the Chilean captain. Made it difficult to get past him too soon. Good stuff.

Now as it stands, Rafa on the brink of sack, 6 points trail. Rafael, you need to get your shit sorted and start things back from scratch. His future may be in uncertainty but predicting the coming days outcomes is really difficult. Will he be thrown or will he be kept faith? Time well, you have your say. Need to buckle up from this very moment.